Just like my favourite superhero and physical role model Chuck Taine, I’ve finally put away my not-so-pure pajamas and bounced back from the “cold-like symptoms” that had me laid low earlier in the week. Back to work and back to Sequential with all the tweets and twerps about Canadian comics.
Item! I found this note from The Beat about Wizard World’s stock filings interesting, since the company now runs at least 1 if not 3 Canadian conventions (hard to keep straight). Although I’m not sure how the same statement can contain line items for both gross profits and net losses.
Item! All comics history nerds should be following Rachel Richey’s blog Comics Syrup where she is chronicling the history of Canadian comic books, zines, anthologies from the 1940s to now. Recently she’s covered Orb magazine, Maple Leaf Comics, and early Stuart Immonen self-published efforts.
Item! Johanna Draper Carlson covers the media press pass controversy from Fan Expo Canada a few weeks back, with comments from media types who did and did not attend. I covered the show for just one day on a complimentary pass and had no issues, but didn’t try for the comprehensive coverage some sites with bigger staffs might have striven for.
Item! TDot Comics’ Alice Quinn speaks out with her geek out.
Item! Jeff Lemire will be signing at THE DRAGON in Guelph, Ontario on Saturday, September 24 from 2pm-6pm.
Item! Marc Bell and Anders Nilsen are in NYC tonite. Both have books out from D+Q.

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  1. I really liked Johanna’s column and she made some remarks that I found quite comprehensive of the larger problems facing events when dealing with screening press applications, and thankfully FanExpo hires a third party media company to do just that. I understand there was a decision based on 2010’s space issues that anything given away free be severely restricted on the Saturday of the event so as to give priority access to PAYING customers – that was the day with the most risk of being sold out of tickets. Access was still given 3/4 days for free. It should also be noted that for the second year in a row FanExpo does not give any comp tickets to friends or family on Saturday either —I could not get my own mother or father or brothers in to the event on Saturday if I wanted to. The media person denied the Saturday pass had three choices: 1) don’t go to the event at all (our loss of coverage as well as theirs), 2) go on the 3 days they had full access to the event for free to get what they needed and stay at their hotel or home on Saturday, or 3) pay the $40 admission for the day they didn’t get access on.

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