Item! Kevin Boyd has a report from this past weekend’s Montreal Comiccon –bigger but maybe not so better than ever? “First off, I think Place Bonaventure is a terrible facility to hold an event. Built in a different era, it’s levels and stairs are inhospitable to attendees with carts and any kind of baggage. I arrived on Saturday morning (after the loading dock had closed) and had to lift my cart and some boxes up and down over 7 sets of stairs…”
Item! Dave Lapp’s Children of the Atom strips are now being re-serialized online. You can read Peter Birkemoe grill Lapp on the genesis of the strip in this Taddle Creek interview: “The cartoon I’d done prior to Children of the Atom was a gross, horrible, embarrassing thing, but I crafted it really well. I’m right-handed, and I penciled everything with my right hand and inked everything with my right hand. And after doing that for a couple of years, I had an urge to create something completely different…”

Item! Kate Beaton is the cover feature of the latest issue of Quill and Quire, the magazine of Canadian books and publishing news. “It’s taken Nova Scotia native Kate Beaton a scant four years to make an indelible mark on the world of comics, in part because of her warped sensibility and irreverent wit, in part through appearances in magazines such as Harper’s and The New Yorker…” (Also, she did a totebag for the Walrus!)
Item! Michael DeForge is interviewed on Squidface and The Meddler. “I struggle a lot with anxiety and depression…”
Item! Lastly, Jeet Heer reviews Michael Kupperman’s The Autobiography of Mark Twain, 1910-2010 for The National Post. “Aside from his debt to Twain, Kupperman belongs to the tradition of erudite humour that runs from Robert Benchley to Monty Python. Like Terry Gilliam of the Pythons, Kupperman is an expert appropriator of earlier visual styles, using the stylized cliches of olden days as a way calling attention to the absurdity of what is being depicted…”


  1. I must concur with Kevin, Place Bonaventure is a terrible facility to hold an event. 😛 Though i don’t think much of any of the convention centre settings i’ve been to anywhere.

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