George Feyer was a complex artist masquerading as a cartoonist and here he is teaming up with Canadian left-wing novelist and short-story writer Hugh Garner for a humourous magazine article on the relatively new (in 1956) phenomenon of suburban life. Both artists were intensely urban and cosmopolitan. Garner served with the International Brigades in Spain and will forever be identified with the Cabbagetown area of Toronto. Feyer emigrated from Hungary and found a new home among the artists, intellectuals, and journalists who worked for the CBC in the 50s and 60s.
Great colour here and some great details from Feyer, who drew fast and loose but with an engineer’s eye for structure and balance. Some interesting modernist blobs of cars, little boxes, and patented Feyer viciousness and honesty in the satiric depiction of people.
Feyer committed suicide in 1967 and Garner drank himself to death in 1977. I have a feeling both were still fighting the ‘Burbs.
Maclean’s, November 10, 1956