Trying to get back into the swing of things here at Sequential.
This great image is by U.S. cartoonist Jay Disbrow, courtesy of Four-Color Shadows (via Comics Reporter).

Item! Jeet Heer on Tony Negri. Let’s face it, Jeet’s the go-too guy for literary-political backgrounders like this.
Item! And like this. Jeet on Metamaus: “it could displace the original work in the way that a behind-the-curtains view of a magic show replaces wonderment with technical knowledge.”
Item! Chris Randle reviews Kate Beaton’s Hark a Vagrant! and the book hits #1 on the New York Times comics bestseller list. Coincidence?
Item! Warren Ellis on webcomics vs downloads (I know, I didn’t know there was a difference either).
Item! The Shusters Blog profiles some recent Canadian comics releases by Jean-Paul Eid, François Miville-Deschênes, and others.
Item!Alice Quinn interviews Jim Zub of Skullkickers fame at Fan Expo for T-Dot Comics.
Item! Sparkplug will continue, at least for the next half year or so, without Dylan Williams.
Item! Thoughts on Shermy.
Item! The Seth show opens in New York today. As well, Boing Boing previews the Seth edited/illustrated The Wage-Slave’s Glossary.
Item!Through Evan Munday I learned that Ben Affleck and George Clooney are involved in a proposed film chronicling how Jack Kirby helped rescue Iranian hostages with a little help from Canada, according to Borys Kit at The Hollywood Reporter. Clooney would be great as 1980 Kirby.
Item! And finally, yesterday was Joe Simon’s birthday. Does it bother anyone else that this 98-year-old man hasn’t been credited or paid any money for creating Captain America since World War II? I find it kind of insulting that they released the trailer for The Avengers movie, featuring Cap, on the same day. Mr. Simon seems happy in this Washington Post birthday profile, but his fans should continue to be unhappy with Marvel. (Interested parties can contact Joe here.)


  1. Simon has sued Marvel twice and has chosen to settle with them both times. Once in 66 and again in 99. There might have been a 3rd settlement in the 00’s too, but don’t quote me on that.

  2. Author

    Ha. Well, no wonder he sounds happy. Should still get credit and royalties, though.

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