Item! The Dan Clowes and Seth tour rolls into Montreal tonite at the Ukranian Federation Hall. The duo perform their surely by now well-polished interview schtick with the help of moderator Mariko Tamaki in Toronto on Thursday.
Item! Toronto Draws Tintin. The Beguiling and Steam Whistle Brewery are teaming to produce TORONTO DRAWS TINTIN. Featuring the work of dozens of comics artists and illustrators from Toronto, Canada, this event is a celebration of all things Tintin and his creator Herge, and will feature dozens of pieces of original artwork which will be auctioned off in support of The Comic Legends Legal Defense Fund. Exhibit starts in November and already there are lots of submissions from the likes of Michael DeForge, etc.
Item! Joe Ollman news! There is a wonderful animated version of Frenching, one of Ollman’s strips about being an anglophone in Montreal. Ollman provides his own voice. As well, it looks like Ollman may be participating in Toronto Draws Tintin from afar here.
Item! The Tamblyn Show. Cartoonist Diana Tamblyn and her photgrapher uncle John Tamblyn are co-featured in a November show at The Arts Project gallery in London, Ontario. I’ll probably run a separate post about this closer to the event, but here is your heads up.
Item! Jillian Tamaki’s sexy Halloween!
Item! Halloween themed jam pages from the Vancouver Comics Jam.
Item! Jeet Heer’s notes on the Iowa Comics Conference.
Item! Comparing Dave Sim to Jaime Hernandez (guess who wins).