Item! Only Nine More Days Until Beethoven’s Birthday.
Item! Dave Lapp, Toronto Life illustrator.
Item! 2010 editorial cartoon taped to Hamilton mosque prompts complaints, investigation (with video).
Item! D+Q co-publisher Peggy Burns photoblogs about the recent Brooklyn comics festival and reports on the Kate Beaton and Dan Clowes making the Time Magazine 2011 best of fiction list.
Item! The Shuster Awards blog has started an end-of-year survey of comics industry folks. So far responses from Mike Del Mundo, Valentine DeLandro, Jonathan Mahood, Ramon Perez, Michel Rabagliati have been posted.
Item! So, Darwyn Cooke is not doing Watchmen 2?
Item! Dave Sim is up to issue 22 of Glamourpuss, out today in comic shops. Speaking of Sim, has anyone watched any episodes of Cerebus TV? Sim interviews people and talks about comics, but the host website is extremely shitty and it’s not on youtube.
Item! The crew at Comic Book Daily talks comic shops.
Item! Dwight Williams note that the East Ottawa/Orleans Comix Jam is this Friday, Dec. 9 at Ruby King restaurant. Facebook event details.
Item! John Martz posts his favourite comics of 2011 at the Drawn! website.
Item! And reading that list reminds me I never linked to this interview with Ethan Rilly at Squidface and the Meddler. Get the lowdown on the Pope Hats creator’s mental process.