The Jolly-Olly Days are upon us
so just a few quick links
before the comics web starts to blink out
like so many faulty Xmas bulbs.

Item! This utterly charming R.O Blechman CBS Christmas tv spot from the 1960s is beautiful. (courtesy of Mark Newgarden on facebook).
Item! Toronto’s Amy Zuch wants you to know he is launching her humourous daily news commentary webcomic, Tyre and Kerb, next week at The Comedy Bar. The event features free giveaways, live drawing, and improv.
Item! For more background on recent events in North Korea, you could do much worse than checking out this excerpt from his Pyongyang graphic memoir by Guy Delisle.
Item! Peter Birkemoe, owner of Toronto’s The Beguiling store, is thoroughly grilled about retailing, trends, and everything you always wanted to know about one of the best comic shops in the world, courtesy of Tom Spurgeon.
Item! Also, in honour of Peter Birkemoe and all he has done for comics culture in this country, I offer this humble link to an Alpha Flight Christmas story guaranteed to warm the cockles of any Marvel fan. (Also, and I’m sure Peter doesn’t mind me mentioning this, don’t forget to Boycott Marvel this holiday season!)