Item! The FanExpo Toronto Comicon Spring event is scheduled for March 10-11. Guests include George Perez. Tickets on sale January 24.
Item! What? The voice of KITT on Knight Rider was originally tv’s Captain Nice, created by Buck Henry? And he had a comic book drawn by Joe Certa in 1967?
Item! I like to compare the career arc and politics of Chester Williams and Chester Brown.
Item! A new webcomic portal debuted on the weekend. Saturday Morning Webcomics is a new site featuring serialized comics for kids by established talents. My favourite is J.Bone’s Gobukan.
Item! Max mentioned this in his most recent Hey Kids, Comics! post at Sequential, but Ty Templeton remembers his complicated relationship with the soon-to-close Dragon Lady Comics in comics form, with cameos by James Waley, Dave Darrigo, Harvey Pekar, Joe Kilmartin and Keiren Smith.
Item! Alice Quinn’s Quintessential Comics Vidcast visits the aforementioned Joe Kilmartin at the aforementioned Dragon Lady Comics. The interview includes a tour of the shop, details about rents in Toronto, and some kind of wistful thoughts from store manager Kilmartin. (That’s one of the old ads mentioned in the interview up top, scanned from Marvel Two-In-One #58, 1979). The really sad thing is that it sounds like the shop is just going to fade out, with mention of extremely vague-sounding plans on the part of the 70-year-old owner to start listing the store’s massive stock on eBay.
Item! Righting Kirby wrongs, one inking job at a time.
Item! Illustrator and painter Gary Taxali has designed a series of coins for the Canadian Mint. (via Diana Tamblyn)
Item! The exhibition of work by comics pioneer Lyonel Feininger is moving from the The Whitney in New York to the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal beginning on January 21.
Item! Press and media registration is now open for the Calgary Expo in April.
Item! Richie Rich is totally ripped.
Item! The Kazoo! Fest in Guelph is looking for a coordinator for its Zine and Comics Expo. The show could be growing into a unique little regional art comix event, it just needs your help!
Item! Robin McConnell reviews some comics from his Reading Pile at the Inkstuds blog. Also, on the Inkstuds podcast, Robin interviews Patrick Kyle, the young cartoonist behind Black Mass and the Wowee Zonk co-op anthology and Mother Books imprint. As well, he talks to David Lester about The Listener graphic novel, and the Next Day crew of John Porcellino, Jason Gilmore, and Alex Jansen.
Item! Great Planet of the Apes cover or Greatest Planet of the Apes cover?
Item! Terry Mosher aka Aislin reveals the origins of his first published cartoon.
Item! The London Free Press profiles Scott Chantler and his Two Generals graphic history/novel.