No, Jeff Lemire's next graphic novel is not an attempt to "fix" this old Chester Brown series. (At least,I don't THINK it is...)
The world of Canadian comics as we saw it at Sequential this week:
Monday TCAF revealed its first poster and announced its initial slate of guests for the 2012 Festival. As well, our regular round-up of webcomics, Hey Kids, Comix!, includes a shout-out to a cult classic by Ty Templeton and more.
Tuesday Drawn and Quarterly announced it would be publishing three collections of classic Pippi Longstocking comics from the 1950s.
Wednesday This week’s Canadian Comics Bestseller List (some new additions but Kate Beaton still rules the roost) and news about Jeff Lemire’s next graphic novel.
Thursday The Sequential review of Matthew Forsythe’s Comic Class minicomic from Koyama Press and the Gene Day Award announced it is now accepting submissions.
Friday A special weekend C-List directed your attention to a recent blog post by Faith Erin Hicks, among other things. Plus, our Friday Flashback this week featured U.S. superhero Captain Marvel facing off against a team of villainous superpowered lesbians in a Kurt Schaffenberger illustrated tale from 1977.