Item! Vancouver Sun paperboy remembers the day in 1948 when the Steve Canyon comic strip stopped the presses in the 1940s.
Item! Brad Mackay captures the latest masterwork by Canada’s youngest professional cartoonist, Jasper Jubenvill. Presenting, “The Batman!”
Item! The Canadian copyright law, Bill C-11, can still be stopped. (Via Chris Butcher)
Item! Hospital comics.

Item! Kate Beaton is #19 on the Booknet Canadian fiction bestseller list.
Item! Jillian Tamaki has illustrated a young adult novel by the writer Hiromi Goto.
Item! Not sure if this is comics news, but the Calgary Expo has the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation signed up for their show. Also, Arthur Sudyam. No permalinks at main site.
Item! This article about the graphic novel adaptation of Robert LePage’s The Blue Dragon almost doesn’t mention the illustrator, cartoonist Fred Jourdain.
Item! From the Victoria Film Festival, a review of Tatsumi.
Item! The Toronto Star profiles the Jim Henson comic, A Talle of Sand, illustrated by Ramon Perez.
Item! The Montreal Gazette has the lowdown on new graphic novels about Canadian historical heroes Billy Bishop and Nellie McClung.
Item! David Robertson‘s graphic novel about the residential school system in Manitoba.