In international news, the Apple iTunes store debuted its Comic Book Store this week.
What you missed this past week at Sequential.
Sunday: I wrote a short news piece on contract negotiations at the Toronto Library with an eye towards how TCAF may be impacted.
Monday: Pascal Girard’s poster for the Quebec City comics festival. Also, the Toronto ComiCon announces its guest list.
Tuesday: The C-List rounded up all the links, including some news from Faith Erin Hicks and her new book Friends With Boys.
Wednesday: Superman’s birthday. News about how UDON will promote its books. The Bluewater contract. Plus, the Dragon Minicon (it’s tomorrow).
Thursday: Not on Sequential. Took a day off to update the Jack Kirby petition and news about the Avengers movie boycott at my personal blog.
Friday: The Sequential review of Collier’s Popular Press by David Collier.