All the Canadian comics news that will fit on your phone.
Item! Dave Cooper is profiled in the Ottawa Citizen on his painting career, comics, and a potential new series with Teletoon. The show is based on a kids book property and is called Bagel’s Lucky Hat.
Item! Apparently, Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley will be attending TCAF this year.
Item! Andrew Woodrow-Butcher interviews Matthew Forsythe for Broken Pencil magazine.
Item!Carte Blanche is now a print on demand magazine. The latest issue, designed by our own Salgood Sam, and with a comics selection edited by Salgood as well, is available here.
Item! Fiona Smyth is involved with a Kickstarter project. What Makes is a Baby? is written by “certified sexuality educator” Cory Silverberg and illo’d by Smyth. Lots of fun incentives.
Item! Fiona Smyth will also be appearing at Little Island in Toronto to talk about her book The Never Weres as part of a kids bookclub series on March 17.
Item! Great interview with Chris Ware includes a photo tour of his house. The interviewer is Christopher Irving who is also the man behind a new digital comics magazine, The Drawn Word.
Item! Scott VanderPloeg checks out the Dragon Mini-Con in Guelph this past weekend and quizzes the artists about sketching copyrighted characters.
Item! The best Alpha Flight costumes?
Item! The worst Alpha Flight costumes?
Item! DC comics is looking for a librarian.
Item! Playboy’s Doug Sneyd is profiled in Maclean’s magazine.
Item! The Vancouver Comic Arts Festival interview series continues with JJ McCullough talking to Brooklyn’s Christopher Hastings (Dr. McNinja).