Sequential is on Summer posting schedule but there is enough interesting news out there to qualify for a C-List link round-up this week!
Item! Drawn and Quarterly has announced they will be publishing Michael Deforge’s Ant Colony graphic novel. The book is currently serialized online by Deforge as “Ant Comic.” Tom Spurgeon has the news and a short interview with the cartoonist, who notes that “I haven’t actually designed a “book” book before, so I would be eager to defer to the experience of people who are smarter than me and actually know what they’re doing. It would all be very new to me, which of course is dually exciting and anxiety-inducing. D+Q has such beautiful design and production work on their titles, and I’m basically clueless. ”
Item! Robin McConnell takes a break from his Insktuds podcast to become a publisher of sorts. His new project is called Canadian Comics Archive and it is a blog dedicated to reprinting lost sequential art from the underground and related ephemera. A small-print-run 6-pager by artist Mike Cousins is the latest dollop of weirdness to come down the pipe.
Item! The Dave Sim Kickstarter project has resulted in part in this new Cerebus Art Collection site, where the proccess of digitizing High Society and subsequent volumes of the 6000-page Cerebus will be documented and where you can preview high quality scans of Sim’s art. (All of a sudden, there seem to be quite a few websites devoted to and sanctioned by Dave Sim.)
Item! The Nelson, BC Star newspaper talks to architectural heritage guru Robert Inwood, who in a previous life was an underground cartoonist (Tales From the New Age, Promethean Enterprises): “I contributed to a magazine published out of that area with guys like Rick Griffin and Robert Crumb, who are pretty famous in the world of low-brow art.”
Item! Kind of fun to contrast these two reviews of the re-issue of Chester brown’s Ed the Happy Clown, one from the psychoanalytically-inclined Bob Levin, and one from the squeamish, Gamera-loving J. Caleb Mozzocco.