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Sim and IDW president Ted Adams
Item! Dave Sim’s efforts to bring his various comics projects into the 21st Century have borne further fruit. In addition to the various digital iterations he is currently pimping, he has entered into a very public negotiation with Fantagraphics’ Kim Thompson over a new edition of the Cerebus graphic novel collections. While all this has been going on, Sim has been in private negotiations with U.S. publisher IDW to publish a collection of the covers for the original 300 issues of the Cerebus comic book series. According to the A Moment of Cerebus blog, IDW’s Special Projects Editor Scott Dunbier arrived in Kitchener on October 6 to begin scanning the original art from Sim’s collection for the book, with Sim adding, “”I can’t think of any other publisher than IDW and any other editor than Scott Dunbier to whom I would have entrusted this Herculean task. I’m working full-time with Scott, providing him with every imaginable raw material needed. Based on Scott’s flawless track record, I think we’re all in for a treat.” As well, just earlier today it was announced IDW has signed an agreement to publish a so-called “hard-copy” edition of Sim’s High Society audio-digital. The whole spate of recent Sim-related events have surprisingly revealed a hitherto unimagined amount of interest in Sim’s work, among both fans and publishers, which has lead many to reassess his place in North American comics. Of course, Cerebus made our top 10 Canadian Comics of the Decadea few years back, but it hasn’t exactly been setting the comics world on fire since. Interesting to see all the Cerebus love, mixed with sober critical re-assessment of Sim’s politics and art.
Item! I happy to announce here that another crowdsourced funding event, the Indiegogo campaign for our own Salgood Sam’s Dream Life Book 1 graphic novel, has reached its goal of $3800 and still has 7 days to go. Check it out!
Item! Sadly, the Indiegogo campaign for a David Boswell documentary did not meet its goal. [Ed: they did raise over 8000 though, of the 10000 they had hoped for. Production is underway at last report.] Item! (via Comics Journal) Seth talks to The Moscow Times about his illustrations for a new edition of Chekhov stories (very few people know Seth is a Star Trek fan). Bonus: Maurice Vellekoop describes 1980s Seth.
Item! Lastly, some video from the new Vancouver Mega Comic Con which took place last weekend. From darthsamuraicomplacentcanuckgoVancouverOnShawTV, & bcitbroadcastnews,

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  1. “Sadly, the Indiegogo campaign for a David Boswell documentary did not meet its goal”
    It did though, raise $8,320, and they are going ahead with production.

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