Item! The Loxleys and the War of 1812 graphic novel is the latest app for tablets offered by the NFB. The original graphic novel, published by Renegade Arts, was written by Alan Grant and illustrated by Claude St. Aubin, with assists from colourist Lovern Kindzierski and letterer Todd Klein. Canadian comic creators take note: Turning comics into apps seems to be a growth area, at least in terms of eliciting government grants and financing (ie, print is dead). According to a press release, the app “offers an immersive history experience for users aged 12 and up, with vivid illustrations, animation, music and sound effects. It includes an interactive map that shows users where they are in the story as they follow along and a soundtrack featuring prominent Canadian, American and British indie bands. The NFB will also offer Canadian educators a study guide to help them incorporate the app into their classroom activities.”
Item! Pope Hats‘ Ethan Rilly is interviewed at Robot 6 about the new issue of his comic, awards, and cover design: As much as I like a good cover, I don’t think they’re too important on their own, so I don’t want to overstate anything. It’s kind of awful when you read a book with a really impressive and overworked cover but not much going on inside. It’s deceitful. In terms of design, I think it’s helpful to consider what relationship you want to create between the contents of the book and its surface, and then simply take it from there.
Item! Bonus: a cover by Ethan Rilly!
Item! Quebec publisher Editions Pow Pow sets up with work by Sophie Bédard, Sam Cantin, Sylvie-Anne Ménard, Michel Hellman, Alexandre Simard, Luc Bossé, Pierre Bouchard and Francis Desharnais at the Montreal Book Fair.
Item! Robin McConnell of Inkstuds fame has an incredible photo blog about the two comics events on two different coasts he attended in one 48 hour period: the Short Run show in Seattle and the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest. Incredible stuff including a visist to the Mad offices and Jerry Moriarty. Canadian content includes appearances by Keith Jones, Patrick Kyle, and Michael DeForge. Robin also breaks the news that Tucker Stone is now a partner in Bergen Street Comics, I think?
Item! The most recent Inkstuds podcasts feature interviews with Nina Bunjevac and Michael DeForge.
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