The Beguiling Blurt! 1992 by BK Munn
I think the first time I visited the old Harbord Street Beguiling shop was around 1989? Can’t remember exactly? I remember driving into Toronto to visit the store, being in the shop on a Friday night and buying the first issue of Eightball which I had heard good things about and was unavailable in Guelph (I had loved Lloyd Llewellyn) and whoever was behind the counter said, “You like Daniel Clowes? That’s him over there.” He was in town in advance of the store’s first “convention,” an event I think that took place on the CNE grounds the next day and featured the Hernandez Brothers and Chester Brown. I still covet the program from that event — Chester augmented it for me with red pen. The big Crumb signing a few years later at the new (current) location was another fun experience. We waited for hours, with the crowd snaking down the street and through the store. My big regret was not buying flowers for Aline Kominsky, who was underappreciated by the fans. My friend embarrassed me by asking Aline to sign one of Robert’s books (response: “I won’t sign Robert’s work.”). A who’s who of Toronto cartooning turned out. I think the Beguiling owners were drunk (at least, they drank beer constantly all afternoon). Good times. Happy 25th Anniversary, The Beguiling!