logo-transThe Hobbystar/Fan Expo Toronto Comicon was this past weekend. A few links to coverage from the event:
Item! There are some links to stories at the con’s own facebook event page.
Item! Toy hunting on Saturday: Ed Campbell says more sci-fi than comics, no comics panels.
Item! Scott Vanderploeg covers the comics artists beat at the show.
Item! Comic Book Daily Photo Parade
Item! Con staff member shines bright light in eye of blogger.
Item! Photo blogger has all the cosplay pics.
Item! The creators of the Wexray digital comic blog about the show.
Item! The Geek Chic Elite blog focuses on the tv/sci-fi guests but has some points about the show setup/logistics: “The first signs of disorganization were the lines that zig-zagged through one vacant hall to let us in; winding around about nine times before the entrance where everyone funneled in. There were still vendors setting up at 11 when people arrived too, so it looks like they weren’t given the luxury of setting up the night before, or it was too chaotic in the morning to load everything in on time.”
we got more:
Item! Amy Chu crosses the border to cover the con for The Beat, and ends up writing mostly about what she ate. She does post one non-food tidbit that I got wrong (because I don’t research this blog, duh) when I posted here about show guests last week: “Artist/writer Katie Cook (Gronk, My Little Pony), illlustrator Agnes Garbowska and I gathered at a nearby Thai restaurant with Craig and his friends Mike Del Mundo (Marvel cover artist) and Marco D’Alfonso (Deadpool). It was perhaps the opposite of Emerald City’s barcon, in that the server could only find three bottles of Sinha beer for the table, less than what many people have in their fridge. The conversation turned to talk of ponies and Bronies. I was astonished to find that Cook goes to 15 cons a year. Many comic fans are surprised to find out she is the writer on IDW’s hit My Little Pony, and not the artist. As Cook explained, it was the humor from her webcomic Gronk that got IDW’s attention.”
Item! Former FanExpo employee/current Comic Book Lounge owner Kevin Boyd had a good experience, reported via Facebook, as an exhibitor/retailer: “Financially satisfied with sales at the show…”
Item! The view from the Comic Book Shoppe.
Item! Scene Creek highlights video.
Item! The Toronto Nerd does a walkthrough vid.
Item! This video has what looks like a bald Riddler cosplayer checking his wantlist.
Item! Con-central podcast.
Item! Writing for the Toronto Standard, Tiffy Thompson sources the con’s popularity in The Big Bang Theory.: “The geeks have won.”


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