You may have noticed (and if you have, god bless you, loyal Sequential reader!) that the posts have been few and far between. Both Max and I have been busy ever since TCAF and so I’m taking this Sequential down-time to start Summer early. Traditionally, posting around this blog takes a downturn in quality and quantity during the warm months (I have been spending additional stolen time on my terrace stocking up on vitamin D like Clark Kent), highlighted by the onset of the “Summer Postin'” tag. We’ll try to bring you breaking news and some surprises over the next little while (including a possible addition to the Sequential family of bloggers) but for the most part we will have to settle for the occasional C-List link round-up and event postings.
So let’s get to those links!

Item! Conundrum Press news: Publisher Andy Brown sends along the news of a new book deal. Photobooth: A Biography is a graphic novel project by newcomer Meags Fitzgerald about the history of photobooths, due from Conundrum in pring 2014. Andy also has a great report about his trip to Montreal for the second year of that city’s comics festival, FBDM. The report features a couple fantastic group shots of fantastic Montreal cartooning talent, especially that last one with Pascal Girard, Ethan Rilly, Phillippe Girard, Joe Ollmann, and Howard Chackowisz.
Item! The Toronto Fan Expo, which runs the weekend of August 22, has just announced the addition of something called The Lolita Style World Event to the show, a series of events focused on the popular Japanese fashion trend/lifestyle. They’ve also added some hotels and other celebrities to the mix. I think Mike Mignola is the big name American cartoonist, but former Marvel Comics dialogue writer/current paid spokesperson Stan Lee will also be returning. I’ll have full listings closer to the show here on Sequential.
Item! This weekend is the Niagara Falls Comic Con. The con will feature a panel devoted to Canadian Comics History, including contributions from Ivan Kocmarek (Canadian comic historian and columnist for ComicBookDaily.Com, Hope Nicholson (Associate Producer of the upcoming Canadian Comics documentary Lost Heroes), Richard Comely (creator of Captain Canuck) and Kevin Boyd (Joe Shuster Award committee member and owner of Toronto’s Comic Book Lounge). There’s an interesting line-up of U.S. comics names scheduled as well. I think today is the last day to buy tickets online?
Item! Pretty pictures Dept.: The great Connor Willumsen has some great unused Wolverine pages from his Marvel gigs I think?
Item! Craig Fischer looks over Michel Rabagliati’s complete ouevre for The Comics Journal: “Recently, after hearing that a new Paul book was on the way (Paul Joins the Scouts, forthcoming in English from Conundrum), I re-read all of Rabagliati’s books, and liked them much more. Optimism and simplicity do characterize his comics, but I discovered complexities there too, especially when I traced connections among the various books. Although each graphic novel stands alone, the entire Paul project is Rabagliati’s ongoing, thinly fictionalized autobiography, with each book focused on a particular period in his life. The Paul books all share the same chronology and many of the same characters, and across multiple volumes Rabagliati’s autobiography gradually assumes a greater density, closer to that of life itself. I’ll explore this density by talking about the organization of one individual Paul novel, Paul Goes Fishing, before sticking my toe into the deeper sea of networked motifs and narrative strategies in the series as a whole.”
Item! Now you can buy a $5 pdf version of Robin McConnell’s Inkstuds book, a collection of 30 interviews with cartoonists taken from his radio show. The original hardcover print edition was published some years ago. On the latest show, Robin talks to Fantagraphics’ Eric Reynolds and Philip Nel about the long-awaited first edition of the Collected Barnaby comic strip, a 1940s all-time American comic classic.


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