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auto bio in BC
Item: Bio/Graphic: Autobiography in Comics, an art show examining the craft of telling personal stories through comics by showcasing the work of six Vancouver artists. Sean Karemaker, Sarah Leavitt, Miriam Libicki, Megan Speers, Jason Turner and Colin Upton all come from a wide variety of backgrounds, reflected in different themes, techniques and styles of original artwork on display in the gallery.
Item:  Tin Can Forest is producing a series of illustrations for the David Suzuki Foundation in support of raising awareness of habitat loss for monarch butterflies.  Rachel Carson would approve.
103Item: Dave Lapp wrote us that he posted a cute video of him working with some kids at one of his workshops at the AGO. And he buried under that in his message the fact that he’s reached the 100th Children of the Atom post!  
Item: The Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards Association is fundraising to finance the annual Joe Shuster Awards for Canadian Comic Book Creators, consider helping out here.
Item: The Nelvana of the Northern Lights: Canada’s First Superheroine kickstarter has been kicking ass, with 4/5ths of the goal raised in just 4 days! Further proof there is an apatite for can-con adventure/action comics. True Patriot 2 is gearing up soon as well, it would be cool if this becomes a bit of a trend.
Item: Another nice looking can con comics kicksterter, that looks to be doing well, is Denis Rodier’s MAELSTROM, with a physical print edition recently added as well. Denis has a large base from working in both the EU and US markets and as musician. That, and of course good work, helps a lot with crowd funding.

Item: There is a thing called Mafcaf, the Monster and Fantasy Creative Arts Festival in Toronto this month.

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