“The Janus Project”

“We look at the present through a rear view mirror. We march backwards into the future.”
― Marshall McLuhan

Sequential presents The Janus Project. During the next few weeks of this shiny new year cartoonists and critics and retailers will sound off on their favourite comics and comics-related moments of 2013 while also looking forward to things to come in 2014. (Thanks to Mark Connery for the great Janus comics graphic! Mark has a new book that will debut at TCAF this May: Rudy will be published by the Minneapolis-based 2d Cloud.)
First up at the Janus Project is the critic and newly-minted comic strip scribe Jeet Heer. Jeet had a pretty good 2013. Along with his regular writer duties for The Comics Journal and various newspapers and editing and introduction work for classic comics archival projects like Walt and Skeezix, Jeet published two well-received books this past year, In Love With Art: Françoise Mouly’s Adventures in Comics with Art Spiegelman, and The Superhero Reader. He also started writing a comic strip for The Walrus magazine.
Here’s Jeet looking back and looking ahead:
“Favorite comics moment of 2013: David Collier attacking Seth with a sofa cushion during the Doug Wright Awards ceremony.”

“The books most looking forward to in 2014:”
Michael DeForge’s Ant Colony and A Body Beneath (“I think some people already have a copy of Ant Colony.”)

Jesse Jacobs’s Safari Honeymoon

Drew Friedman’s Heroes of the Comic Book

Eleanor Davis’s How to be Happy

(photo credit: Robin McConnell)

Janus Comic Strip by Mark Connery