Just a quickie list for the weekend:
Item! The latest issue of Robin Bougie’s long-running and groundbreaking porn comics anthology Sleazy Slice is out. This newest issue features work by Maxine Frank, SCAR, Wes Crum, Hans Rickheit, John Howard, and the mysterious “Carl”. The new issue is reviewed at The Comics Journal here. Unfortunately, Bougie has recently announced that this will be the last of the series, as he turns his attentions to longer book and anthology projects devoted to the history of his beloved porn and underground cinema. It’s a shame. The post-post-Underground anthology was a beacon of filthiness and introduced the world to comicers David Paleo, Rebecca Dart, Wes Crum, Aaron Lange, Tom Crites, John Howard, Jim Rugg, Dexter Cockburn, Rick Trembles, Josh Simmons, Patrick Keck, and Mike Myhre. You can buy #7 and all previous issues here.
Item! Speaking of TCJ, it looks like the Canadian publishing news magazine Quill and Quire is turning into a northern version of the venerable comics news and criticism mag, with the latest issue sporting a cover feature on Michael DeForge, plus Julie Delporte, Patrick Kyle and Walter Scott.
Item! And speaking of Rick Trembles, he has a new comics zine, his first in a very long time, launching this Sunday in Montreal. It’s called “$” and is #11 in a series distributed by DISTROBOTO.
Item! I’m very embarrassed to admit I got into a snark exchange on twitter about a sexist action figure based on a Canadian super hero live-action webseries. Someone please kill me.
Item! And finally, some video from a recent event at the Comic Book Lounge in Toronto, featuring our main man Kevin Boyd and cartoonist and educator Ty Templeton celebrating the fan fave Batman ’66 comic book collection: