Arrowhead-Pg1-Stephens By Will Wellington
[Note: This feature was scheduled to run on Canada Day but we are a bit tardy around here lately. I’ve hired an intern to take care of the C-List for the next few months. Everyone please be nice to Will! —Bryan] Item! In keeping with the patriotic occasion, the first item on this week’s C-List concerns the ongoing revitalization of “Canada’s own superhero,” the appropriately flag-splattered Captain Canuck, which continues with the “Captain Canuck Summer Special,” featuring the work of Canuck creator Richard Comely and several of the artists behind the Captain Canuck web series. The issue also includes a profile of Canuck character designer Kalman Andrasofszky, who is currently working on a new Captain Canuck series expected in December, along with preview artwork of the new series. Pick up the Summer Special for free at a participating store or library near you.
Item! This next item trades-in the red and white of our true north strong and free for the gloomy tones of Gotham City. In a recent announcement , DC confirmed two new ongoing titles in the Batman universe, one of which, Gotham Academy, will feature the work of three Montreal-based creators: the writing of Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher and the illustrations of Karl Kerschl. The monthly series is billed as a “teen drama set at Gotham’s most prestigious prep school.” The first issue comes out October 1. Check out the first cover here.
Item! Montreal-based Pow Pow Press announced an upcoming Kickstarter campaign to finance the translation of their considerable French-language catalogue. Until now, all of Pow Pow’s catalogue of around twenty titles has been available only in French. The campaign, due to begin in November, will aim to fund the translation of Pow Pow’s first three volumes, which, if my inability to read their French-language website has not left me sorely mistaken, are Yves, le roi de la cruise by Luc Bossé and Alexandre Simard, Zviane’s Apnée, and Motel Galactic by Francis Desharnais and Pierre Bouchard. Check Pow Pow’s facebook and twitter for new developments and details.
Item! Speaking of superheroes and crowdfunding, Canadian superhero anthology True Patriot is gearing up for a sequel to its Indiegogo-funded, limited-edition, sold-out debut from last year. A trade paperback printing of that first volume is planned for release around the same time as the Kickstarter-funded second volume which is scheduled for September. The new issue also features some of Canada’s biggest and brightest comic book creators, including award-winners like Jeff Lemire (Justice League Canada), Faith Erin Hicks (Last of Us), Jay Stephens (Secret Saturdays), J. Bone (Saviors), and Scott Chantler (Two Generals), as well as new faces like Scott Kowalchuk (Mysterious Strangers), Adam Gorham (TMNT/X-Files), and Ron Salas (Creepy). Writer J. Torres (Teen Titans Go) notes True Patriot will be available through ShopLocket as well as “your friendly neighborhood comic store.”
The Farmer by Kowalchuk, from True Patriot vol II
The Farmer by Kowalchuk, from True Patriot vol II