By Salgood Sam

Some things collected from the FB page, and elsewhere, from the last week.

Item: Post image, come from Hope Nicolson. it’s an ad looking a lot like a classic film lobby card, for Brok Windsor & Starra.  Brok Windsor is the long lost Canadian comic hero she plans to launch a new Kickstarter to republish this year!

Item: Rachel Richey posted an entry on Comic Syrup about the Independent 90’s comic Arcana! Created by T.S. Wells and Rob Clark.

Item: Front Froid has put out a call for submissions, for their 8th issue. Deadline is the 17th of August. Details here [french].

Item: the artist and author behind Optimum Wound Comics Volume 1, Memento Mori, & Silent Scream, Richard Serrao will be at Librairie Omnibus in Montreal July 26th from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Richard does not do a lot of events in the area apparently so if you’re a fan this is you chance. Omnibus is a great downtown shop, about a year old, very community oriented from what I can tell. They have been big supporters of my own work and seem to have great taste in general.

coverdigdummy800Item: My imprint, the publishing name under which this blog is presented and my own books printed or digitally released–Spilt Ink has a new, working site! The URL is old, but it had just been a placeholder for a long time. The new set up is dedicated to spotlighting our books [mine for now but possibly by others in the future], and hosting a new blog. Check out the site, especially the footnote posts about the making of my latest graphic Novel, Dream Life, here. Sequential Pulp is also available there as a free download, and I plan to post at least once a week there about publishing or comics making stuff.

Item: Gabrielle Bell is selling some of her lovely art! “I’m selling my Oslo Diary, which ran a little over a year ago. Yes, broke again. Each page is 125.00$. That’s twenty dollars a panel, plus five dollars for shipping and packaging and paypal fees. It adds up! Coming soon: July Diary. In August!”

Item: Vintage Comic Jamming zine! laid out by your’s truly. March 1997 Toronto Comic Jam Book (100dpi)“In 1997, England’s Rose died, Titanic was the King of the World and Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield’s ear off. Also, The Toronto Comic Jam was held at the El Mocambo. (P.S. sorry about the old school comicbook misogyny on pg. 31 and elsewhere)”

Item: Jamming today! Thursday, July 24 at 6:00pm, @ Librairie Savard in Quebec, is the launching of the premier numéro de la revue du Comic Jam de Québec!

Item: Webcomics you should be reading: BoumeriesBun ToonsAttila’s patreon pageLiam “GhostPockets” Matthew Byrne’s tumblerColin Upton’s stream, for the video clips if nothing else!; FUNNY FOREST; & The Dailies, of course!

And last, watch this Pre-production teaser about the making of Heavy Metal! A Canadian film, did you know?

Nerd Points: I don’t know if he’s in the doc at all, but Bernie Mireault worked on that movie.