Item! The great Jillian Tamaki is interviewed by Dan Berry on the Make It Then Tell Everybody podcast: they “talk amongst other things about ideas, the evolution of a style and faith.” That’s Tamaki’s cover to Les Miz at right.
Item! Colin Upton will be premiering his annual 9-11 minicomic this Sunday at Word on the Street in Vancouver.
Item! Image and Udon creator Jim Zubb writes a longish (for Twitter) response to the “cosplayers are ruining conventions” discussion. Sample: “I don’t think it’s a cosplayer thing, I think it’s the changing nature of collector culture and how we consume media as a whole. When we were younger, having a collection was a big deal: music, books, movies, whatever. It was part of an identity. Now we all have massive digital movie, book, and music collections at our fingertips. Some still collect, but it’s more focused/selective.”
Item! Nina Bunjevac is interviewed by Gil Roth for his Virtual Memories podcast about her new book, which launches today at the AGO: “Fatherland is really about who my father was, getting to understand him, and also an attempt to explain how politics can tear a family apart, just like they tore apart the people of Yugoslavia in the 1990s.”