Do you like that rendering of C4 in JRR Tolkien’s Elvish Tengwar/Fëanorian script, there on the left? That’s because several of the actors who play dwarves in the Hobbit movies will be featured guests at this weekend-long convention in Winnipeg.
As usual with events of this size, there seems to be more science fiction and fantasy tv and movie content, wrestlers and cosplayers than actual comic book creators and retailers, but the website lists several people, including Jose Delbo, Jeff Balke, Tommy Castillo, GMB Chomichuk, Chris Chuckry, Richard Comely, Lex Creed, John Gallagher, Greg Horn, Matt Joudrey, and several others from the comic art world.
C4 Central Canada Comic Con
October 31 – November 2
The Winnipeg Convention Centre
375 York Avenue