1978609_10152854484299808_1326150811917083439_nA planned monthly reintroduction of the “industry night” concept, hosted by Kieren Smith and Ty Templeton, just behind Kevin Boyd’s Comic Book Lounge shop.
According to Smith, “we have had many people asking us if we could open it up to include more of the GTA comic book community … something like the old Industry Nights. So … DONE! Host Ty Templeton is planning to do a short ON THE COUCH… talk at 8pm, subject/guests TBA (or pulled from the gathering!). This is a chance to hang out, meet other creators, do some networking, show off your latest work…”
Tuesday, Nov. 18 Wednesday Nov 19th! 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Back Space Toronto 587A College St., Toronto, Ontario M6G 1B2