by BK Munn
Cartoonist Evan Munday (Dead Kid Detective Agency, Quarter-Life Crisis) has started a campaign to put a public face to the massive number of missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada. Since January 5th, Munday has been publishing a daily illustration of a missing woman on Twitter, and tagging Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Twitter account. Harper rather infamously told CBC journalist Peter Mansbridge, “it isn’t really high on our radar” in response to a question about his government’s policy towards this very serious, tragic issue.
The RCMP currently lists 1,200 women as missing or murdered and Munday plans to tweet a single black and white illo daily to @pmharper in an effort to raise Harper’s and the Canadian public’s awareness.
Munday spoke to the CBC about his own response to Harper’s lack of response:

“Just hearing him say that, it was just such a glib non-answer that it was the catalyst for me doing this,” Munday said.
The images are part caricature, part comic-book style. They are created from photos Munday found online.
“I hope it’s not viewed as offensive. Part of it is trying to do a tribute and thinking about them and their lives as I do the drawing,” he said.

From Munday’s most recent tweet: “Maggie Lea Burke was 22 when she went missing from Edmonton in December 2004”
Munday’s Twitter account: @idontlikemunday