by BK Munn
Vancouver’s Julian Lawrence is the latest cartoonist to join Andy Brown’s Conundrum Press comics stable with a book scheduled to debut at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival in May. The Adventures of Drippy the Newsboy 
Vol 1: Drippy’s Mama is the first in a projected three-volume comedy adventure series from the 90s underground legend.Lawrence teaches comics at Emily Carr and one of the driving forces behind the Drippy Gazette.
From the publisher:

In this first volume of a trilogy based on the writings of Stephen Crane, Vancouver artist and animator Julian Lawrence brings his iconic Drippy the Newsboy to life! Here the naive Drippy gets pulled into the world of the Forbidden Zone by Harry and his alchoholic pals. His papers do not get delivered and his mother is concerned. But after his darling mother grows ill Drippy sees the error of his ways. Lawrence is known in Vancouver’s underground press as a co-creator and editor of the free monthly Drippy Gazette and publisher of numerous Drippytown comic anthology spin offs, but here his cartooning chops are on full display. The Adventures of Drippy the Newsboy harkens back to adventure serials like Tintin, complete with nostalgia and epic storytelling, but with much more drinking, gags, and carrying on. Will those papers ever be delivered on time?