By Salgood Sam!
I’ve been very active on youtube lately, trying to get my work out to a bigger audience and promote my books and Patreon campaign. This monday for my podcast, I did a read-along reading of my memoir comic from Revolver Three, ‘A Bastards Tale‘. [no apostrophe on purpose!] And then spent about 4 hours crudely animating the art to that for youtube! It came out pretty good and wen’t live today. I think i’ll keep doing it for the series. Two more instalments of that are in the works right now, and eventually I plan to have a book done out of the project made up of many short inter-related shorts.

I don’t post my own stuff to this blog that often, always feels a bit conflictual given i’m also the publisher. But I think I should get over that and do it more often. What do you think?