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A lot of new books, including MANY from D+Q were announced, and a lot of cartoons published online over the last week, here’s the highlights.
Item: Joe Ollmann is too good for the The New Yorker. He’s been posting great single panel gag comics in the vein of for a while now. I don’t know if he’s trying to seriously get their attention of just having fun, but they are a bit awesome. I’m including a few with this post just to prove the point. Keep up with progress on his next book, a biography of Seabrook, via his blog. UPDATEDerek Royal of Interviewed Joe! it’s a great indepth one about his work.

[portfolio_slideshow size=large showtitles=false include=”17326,17328,17327,17329″]

Item: The D+Q fall catalog dropped, along with news & peeks at things coming this spring. Like the news that new strips by Joe Matt to be included in D+Q anniversary book! According to a Facebook post by Matt: “I’ll have 15 new, b&w pages in D&Q’s 25 Anniversary book. These pages are about 5 years old and were originally intended as the beginning of a book that I’ve since abandoned. (They’re 4 little vignettes. No big deal.)”: And we were treated to a preview of Seth’s new Palookaville #22! It’s got a shiny green/gold dust cover!
kaptara21Item: Among the other new comics announced this week is a series coming from the clever mind of Chip Zdarsky, and the clever brushes of Kagan McLeod. Announced at January’s annual Image Expo, Kaptara is a science fiction series from Zdarsky (Sex Criminals) and Kagan McLeod (Infinite Kung-Fu). Described by the creators as a “gay Saga,” the new ongoing series follows a bioengineer named Keith Kanga, who ends up stranded on the Kaptara, and that means danger for Earth. Can he safely make it home? More importantly, can he figure out how to save his home? The two gave a gonzo interview this past week to, and teased what they have in store for fans in April:

ZDARSKY: After it became evident that Sex Criminals could go farther than three issues, I started thinking about what could be next, since it seemed like my career was now comics instead of scrounging for old muffins in alleyways. I’ve had the idea for a while of a world populated with classic toys and action figures, like an alien version of Toy Story, and it felt like something that would be a good fit for Image and Kagan. Kagan’s my favourite artist AND one of the most creative guys I know, so this was my excuse to work with him and watch him take dumb ideas and make them GLORIOUSLY dumb. He’s so ridiculously talented and funny, I’m mostly just looking forward to seeing everyone take more notice of him in comics.
KAGAN MCLEOD: Last year Chip won an Eisner award, had a New York Times #1 and Time Magazine’s comic of the year, as well as an invite for an Applebee’s lunch with the mayor of his home town WHICH HE SNUBBED. So when he says “draw”, you say “How many cat tanks?” We did some self-published work and comic conventions together in our twenties, which was fun, so it’ll be great to relive the magic as real grownups. Maybe Kaptara is like our mid-life crisis sports car, we’ll see.

awardcoinItem: Congratulations to Patrick Kyle whose slice of sci-fi psychedelia Distance Mover has won a silver medal in the Long form, Single Image and Comic category in the Society of Illustrators Comic and Cartoon Art Annual competition. Patrick is in fine company with Jaime Hernandez also winning silver an Olivier Schrauwen taking the gold.
Stan Lee and Me / circa 1968Item: Bryan found this cool photo of Stan Lee out from of Honest Ed’s in Toronto, Famous location in Scott Pilgrim, area home to Beguiling, Little Island, and once, Capt George’s. (Credit Richard Spiegelman)
Item: The cover for Pitiful Human Lizard #5, slated to drop at TCAF 2015 was teased.
Item: Betty Liang has started a new serialized comic at Darling Sleeper called The Red Devil !
Item: Sophie Yanow posted a long comic on the history of AIDS activism in Canada for The Nib.
Item: Kyp Harness’s Mortimer the Slug comic has been active again of late, including Color specials even!
Item: New toons from Kelly Tindall’s The Adventurers, & Strange Beard!
Item: Art Problems? Ask Wendy! Walter Scott is artist writer and sculptor. His ongoing series ‘Wendy‘ follows the fictional narrative of a young woman living in an urban centre, whose dreams of contemporary art stardom are perpetually derailed. Wendy is also a 216-page full length book available from Koyama Press.
Item: Check out this great checklist of “Canadian Whites” comics, published from 1941 to 1947!
Item: New Dailies from Dakota! Also, have you seen his new book?
Item: Hope warns that it’s still being bug tested but the Bedside Press web site is live!
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