by BK Munn
The Joe Shuster Awards are broker than Joe Shuster before the first Superman movie. They are on sort of a hiatus lately, it seems, with plans for the 2015 ceremony put on hold because of a basic lack of cash. Former director of the awards Kevin Boyd has apparently been footing the bill himself for awhile and recently posted to the JSA site that the gravy train is at an end unless others can cough up some dough:

“at this time, the Joe Shuster Awards are out of funds. I have had to pay out of pocket for the remaining 2014 costs and cannot afford to privately sponsor the costs of doing the annual Joe Shuster Awards.
We will continue to proceed with preparations for the 2015 Awards, but at this time we cannot commit any financial resources towards the awards.
At this time we are looking for Canadian businesses who are interested in sponsoring individual awards. We also accept donations. Donations and sponsorship does not imply influence over the nominating and judging of the individual awards.”

Here’s hoping things sort themselves out. Interested parties should check out the site or get in touch with Boyd.