Roving documentarian Jamie Coville has posted some new photosaudio from the first King Con, in Kingston Ont, Canada. Also this silly clip of Star Wars Cosplayers invading the library.  It’s begging for dubbing…
The science fiction, fantasy, gaming, & comic book convention took place March 13 to the 15 at the Kingston Public Library, with some events happening in other nearby locations.
I had considered going to this myself but didn’t get it together fast enough.

20150314191148-33e9f6de-xxCecil Castellucci Panel (45:37, 41.7mb)

Cecil introduces herself and her books, giving each a brief summary. She talks about her work in other media, including her comic book opera! Tin Star was her latest book and she revealed how the book was inspired by the movie Casablanca and how her picture book Odd Duck came about.
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20150314191454-21a7dfce-xxScott Chantler Panel (1:00:29, 55.3mb)

Scott gave a presentation, mainly about his book Two Generals. The book is about his grandfather and his grandfather’s friend who both served in WWII. While Scott talked he projected some visual aids, including the back of a photograph of the two old friends, where they described themselves in the inscription as 2 Generals (jokingly).
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