Co: Jamie Coville
Mr. Coville has made uploaded his latest haul, an extensive photo cavalcade from the floor of the fairs market, and recordings of ten panels during the show events, and audio and photos from the annual Doug Wright Awards too!
TCAF 2015 Kick-Off Event: D&Q 25! (1:13:15, 67mb) [see image at top]
Chris Butcher started off the kick-off event and gave thanks to various people who help put the convention together. He talked about his first exposure to Drawn and Quarterly comics when he was young and working for a different retailer. He also talked about the company’s growth. Chris Oliveros came up and spoke about TCAF, how important they are and how they’ve supported the company. Then the panel started with Sean Rogers interviewing an all star line up of Jillian Tamaki, Jason Lutes, Seth, Adrian Tomine and Lynda Barry.
Drawn and Quarterly: Ask Me Anything (52:02, 47.6mb)
Chris Oliveros, Peggy Burns and Tom Devlin answers Heidi MacDonald’s questions on a variety of topics.
Protecting Comics: Graphic Novel Challenges in Today’s Libraries (54:27, 48.9mb)
Presented by Charles Brownstein of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.
Do it yourself Comic Con (1:02:45, 57.4mb)
This panel had Eva Volin, Liz Coates (Librarians) and Sven Larsen (Papercutz) talk about doing Comic Cons within a Library.
Big Comics Q&A: Classrooms (52:46, 48.3mb)
On this panel was Leslie Holwerda and Glen Downey. Leslie talked about introducing comic activities through her Library classes. Glen Downey spoke about 3 principals for Comics in the Classroom, Tradition, Vocabulary and Applying what they learn.
Book Talk: Diverse Graphic Novels (57:06, 52.2mb)
The presenter was Andrew Woodrow-Butcher. Along with him were creators Tory Woollcott (Mirror Mind), Kat Verhoeven (Towerkind) and Beguiling Employee Rebecca Scoble. Both Tory and Kat talked about their books and what makes them different.
The New Mainstream (1:03:44, 58.3mb)
Moderated by Chris Butcher, this panels line up was Ryan North, Karl Kerschl, Brenden Fletcher, Babs Tarr, Ray Fawkes, Cameron Stewart and Chip Zdarsky.
Spotlight: Gurihiru (1:03:38, 58.2mb)
Deb Aoki talks to the Japanese art team of Guihiru. They are Chifuyu Sasaki and Naoko Kawano and have been working on North American comics for a number of years now. Through their translator they talked about their work on Avatar the Airbender, A Babies vs X Babies and how they and Scottie Young created the babies version of the characters.
What do Women Want? Writing Comics for a female audience (1:03:26, 58mb)
On this panel was Brenden Fletcher, Sam Maggs, Sydney Padua, Sandra Bell-Lundy, Svetlana Chmakova and the panel was moderated by Lianne Sentar.
Truth & Intimacy in Graphic Memoir (52:00, 47.6mb)
Moderated by Johanna Draper Carlson, panelists included Raina Telgemeier, Dustin Harbin, Etienne Davodeau and joining part way through was John Porcellino.