by BK Munn
It’s the Vancouver Comics Art Festival and our own Salgood Sam will be on the ground, exhibiting his wares as a guest and soaking up the sights and the sounds of the show!
Besides a ton of exhibitors, other headline guests include Ian Boothby, Matt Bors, Ed Brisson, Johnnie Christmas, Tyler Crook, Farel Dalrymple, Camilla D’Ericco, Zac Gorman, Pia Guerra, Jeph Jacques, James Lloyd, David Malki, Nina Matsumoto, Steve Rolston, Simon Roy, Ken Steacy, and Kurtis Wiebe.
There are quite a few fantastic artists who’s work is always worth checking out hidden among the moonlighting animators and neophyte webcomicers on the exhibitor list, like Julian Lawrence, Miriam Libicki, Jason Turner and Colin Upton. I’m sure new discoveries await the curious!
Among the featured events, the show kicks off with a launch for the latest Cloudscape Collective book launch (for Mega Fauna) Friday night at 5955 Ross St.
May 23-24 2015
Sat. 10am-6pm
Sun. 11am-5pm
181 Roundhouse Mews Vancouver, BC