By Colin Upton [op] word_vancouver_headerIn case you haven’t heard the Word Vancouver held at the main library branch downtown in late September is reviving the Word Under The Street, under a new name [tba] and featuring a section on Comics & Chapbooks (that being an old-timey word for zines) back in the Alice MacKay room downstairs. At $50 for a full table I’m signing up, the deadline is officially tomorrow but they say they’ll be open to registration into next week or “until full”. It looks like the organisers are making more of an effort this year but they need your help and participation
The site hasn’t been updated yet, but programming will include at least two round table style comics workshops and a chapbook workshop, in the Alice MacKay room alongside the exhibits. There will also be a small stage in the panel room for a few short readings. Nearby in classrooms, there is to be 2-3 comics/chapbooks visual presentations.
Panels so far in the works include a presentation by Michael Kluckner; a comics panel on DIY moderated by local comic creator, Ed Brisson; a comics workshop aimed at beginners with Seattle’s David Lasky; another comics workshop with Ken and Joan Steacy; and, a writing for and making small chapbooks workshop with Kevin Spenst.
More details to come!