San Diego Comic Con 2015
(July 8 – 11) – 72 Photos

Photos and Recordings all by and posted with permission care of Jamie Coville! [OP]

Comics Arts Conference: Scholars Lost and Found (47:14, 42.2mb)
On this panel was Carol Tilley and Brad Ricca. Brad start off talking about an academic paper done in 1942 by Paul Cassidy, who was also an artist at the Siegel and Shuster shop and was assisting/ghosting Joe Shuster in drawing Superman comics.

Kevin Nowlan Spotlight (48:38, 44.5mb)
Jai Nitz interviews Kevin Nowlan after he receives an Inkpot award. They talked about how they two met and their friendship, there was a slide show of Kevin’s work and discussed it.

Skottie Young Spotlight (55:08, 50.4mb)
Moderating this panel was Jim Viscardi.

Comic Con How To: Art Theft and the Law (51:29, 47.1mb)
On this panel was law professor Jack Lerner, Deviant Art’s Josh Wattles and creator DJ Welch. Josh Wattles announced that Deviant Art is very aware of Art Theft being a problem for its users and announced as a new resource in how to combat it.

Comics Journalism: It’s about Ethics in Comics Journalism (51:32, 47.1mb)
On the panel was Heidi MacDonald, Donna Dickens, James Viscardi, Casey Gilly, Joe Ilidge and Bret Schenker. The panel was moderated by Jeff Trexler.

Will Eisner: The Champion of the Graphic Novel (51:11, 46.8mb)
This panel consisted of Paul Levitz, Jeff Smith, Sergio Aragonés, Denis Kitchen and Danny Fingeroth.

The Twisted Root of Comics (49:57, 45.7mb)
On the panel were Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson, Michael Uslan, Danny Fingeroth, Gerard Jones and Brad Ricca.

Bob Layton Spotlight (46:39, 42.7mb)
Bob Layton is interviewed by Michael Uslan.

MARCH with Congressman John Lewis (57:04, 52.2mb)
An introduction was done by Leigh Walton and on the panel was Congressman John Lewis, Andrew Aydin and Nate Powel.

Irwin Hasen Tribute (51:23, 47mb)
On this panel was Danny Fingeroth, Chelle Mayer, David Armstrong, Arie Kaplan, Michael Uslan and coming in late was Jim Salicrup.

The Best and Worst Manga of 2015 (46:50, 42.8mb)
Moderated by Deb Aoki on the panel was David Brothers, Brigid Alverson, Eva Volin and Christopher Butcher.

The Annual Jack Kirby Tribute Panel (1:04:05, 58.6mb)
Mark Evanier, David J Spurlock, Marv Wolfman, Rob Liefeld and Paul S Levine discussed Jack Kirby.

From Comics to Animation (55:32, 50.8mb)
Moderator Mark Waid talks with Jhonen Vasquez, Jill Thompson, Reginald Hudlin, Michael DeForge, Jerry Beck and eventually Lalo Alcaraz who came in a bit late.

Chip Zdarsky: A Life (47:24, 43.4mb)
Chip Zdarsky is interviewed by Juliette Capra.

Pro vs. Fan Trivia Match (44:28, 40.7mb)
Moderated by Derek McCaw. The Fan side is Tom Galloway, Peter S. Svensson and David Oakes. The Pro side is Len Wein, Anthony Tollin and Mark Waid. The questions range from 1956 to 1985.


Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards
2015 (July 10) – 91 Photos

2015 Will Eisner Awards (2:31:45, 138mb)
The 2015 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards was held in the Indigo Room at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront. The Winners can be found at the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards page.