By Will Wellington
As constant as the cricket’s creak,
The C-List comes out once a week.
There’s always lots of comics news:
New books and scandals, interviews.
Let’s look back now, to kill some time,
While Will thinks up another rhyme.
Item! Boing Boing has posted an exclusive preview: the entire first issue of Descender, Jeff Lemire’s new sci-fi collaboration for Image with illustrator Dustin Nguyen. The post features a neat little introduction by Cory Doctorow. Nguyen’s illustrations are phenomenal.
C-List 2
Item! Jeff Lemire is also working on a new series for Image, Plutona, with artist Emi Lenox: listen to this interview with Lenox for Sketchd‘s Off Panel podcast.
Item! You can also check out this episode of RiYL podcast, featuring short interviews with Canadian heavyweights Lemire and Kate Beaton and Michiganian Jeffrey Brown (now of Darth Vader and Son fame).
Item! Electric Literature shared this piece by Sheila Heti and Sara Lautman, a “cut-up” featuring a fragmented Heti story reconsitituted and illustrated by Lautman. I can’t properly describe the effect here: check out this interview with Heti and Lautman for more insight into their working method.
Item! A couple of major Canadian talents will make an appearance on the Finnish stage this weekend. Both Seth and Jesse Jacobs are guests for this year’s Helsingin sarjakuvafestivaalit (Helsinki Comics Festival). Jacobs will appear on the mainstage on Friday; Seth will appear on Saturday. And by “appear,” I mean “materialize out of thin air, like a vision of The Deity.” (LOL JK GOTCHA.)
Item! In other festival news, the Festival de la BD de Prévost takes place this weekend in the town of Prévost, Quebec. Check the deets here.
Item! The Summer issue of Taddle Creek features a couple new comics by noteworthy Canadian artists: one by Windsor’s Dave Collier and one by Toronto’s Dave Lapp. You can view and download the whole issue here.

C-List 1
Marc Bell’s Miniongate continues.

Item! Diana Tamblyn has posted a collection of notes she made for a one hour presentation she made at Book Camp London. Asked to speak about a writer of personal importance, she opted to speak about Jack Kirby. It’s a fun read, especially when she gets into the Q&A questions asked by her audience of kids age 8-12.
Item! Hoist your bugles: it’s crowdfunding time. George Todorovski has started an indiegogo campaign to fund an “awesome graphic novel anthology” of his stories. Cloudscape Comics, meanwhile, has launched a kickstarter for Epic Canadiana #2“Cloudscape’s second anthology of Canadian superheroes.”
Item! Ty Templeton appeared in the first episode of Indiewire‘s “Raindance Step & Repeat,” “a video series for independent filmmakers who want to make a living telling stories.” No Film School neatly sums up the video’s highlights here. Templeton will also appear at Fan Expo in September on a panel on how to make comics: the News Mississauga has profiled him in anticipation of that appearance.
Item! Montreal’s Crossover Comics was profiled this week by blogger Taylor Noakes.


Item! Gigcity interviewed Mike Winter about his comic Cartoon Machine, which features the wonderfully-named clueless urbanite character Wonderdick.
Item! And lastly, here’s an interview with Jill Stanton about her latest Headspaces comic, a trippy-looking choose-your-own-adventure narrative.
That’s all, folks!
No more jokes.
This was fun,
But I’m done.
Will Wellington lives and rhymes in Guelph.