by BK Munn
Rachel Richey and her Comic Syrup Press have launched another Kickstarter campaign to revive yet another forgotten Canadian superhero of the 1940s. The Original Adventures of Doc Stearne/Mr. Monster is the name of the proposed project, that started its crowdfunder earlier this week. The ask is for $25,00 and it looks like Rachel is well on the way to getting what she wants.
Many will remember the 1980s-90s revival of Mr. Monster by Michael T. Gilbert but this new book aims to reprint the original tales by Fred Kelly (1921-2005):
“In the early 40s, artist and writer Fred Kelly created Doctor Jim Stearne, a normal medical doctor who finds himself pulled into a series of fantastic adventures with Gloria Gale and her father, Professor Edwin Gale. Throughout these adventures, Stearne discovers the power the occult has and vows to rid the world of evil.
After obsessively learning everything he can related to it, and medical theory surrounding it, he becomes MR. MONSTER! Or, an occult vigilante of sorts. Think Constantine or Hellboy but from the 40s. The series was printed throughout several titles before its final publication in 1947.”

Tons of artists have donated art to the campaign as well. Check it out!