by BK Munn
Koyama Press is dumping four of its big Fall adult titles into the marketplace with a shared booklaunch at the artist-run bookshop Art Metropole on October 29. The launch will see the release of Lose #7 and Dressing by Michael DeForge, Wailed by Robin Nishio, and Crossways by Phil Woollam.
Art Metropole
1490 Dundas Street West
29 October

Join Koyama Press artists at Art Metropole for the launch of four new books:
Phil Woollam’s Crossways presents the ever-changing grids that make up the modern urban center, be they intersecting streets, crisscrossing wires or the ladder that climbs up the side of a building, as pure abstraction. For Woollam, landscape is liquid and the city is a medium as fluid as ink.
Robin Nishio’s Wailed is an intimate chronicle of a group of friends who also happen to be the vanguard of alternative comics making. In stark black and white, the lives of these young artists are illuminated. Comics are often associated with the past, but this is a document of their future.
Michael DeForge’s Lose #7 is the latest edition of his multi-award winning Lose series which serves as the artist’s comics laboratory. The art form is pushed to its limits in these first-time-in-full-color pages. Revel in a cartoonist at the height of their powers exploring the eccentricities of a woman who befriends her dad’s doppelgänger, and the realities of a flightless bird/boy hybrid. DeForge will also be launching Dressing, a collection of the cartoonist’s mini-comics, zines, anthology work, and more. It is a follow up to the award-winning Very Casual, and shows the artist at the height of his occasionally fever-induced powers.