Julian Lawrence Launch, Pulp Fiction Books

by BK Munn
The Red Drip of Courage
by Julian Lawrence
Pulp Fiction Books
2422 Main Street, Vancouver
(on the east side of Main Street, halfway between Broadway and 8th)
7-9 PM
Julian says, “and then Vancouver Comic Jam next door at the Wallflower. Come on down if you happen to be in the ‘Couve!”
The cartoonist will be on hand to introduce and sign copies of his new graphic novel.
The Adventures of Drippy the Newsboy Vol 2:
The Red Drip of Courage

(Conundrum Press)
64 pages
b/w, trade paperback, $12
From the publisher: The long anticipated second installment of Julian Lawrence’s trilogy (based on Stephen Crane’s work) is here! The Red Drip of Courage finds our hero, Drippy the Newsboy, preparing to go to war with the enemy. After several false rumours (and, presumably, editorial retractions) in the Gazette, the boys are finally on the march. But their enthusiasm for action is soon extinguished by the harsh reality of conflict with the Forbidden Zone’s Army of Fire. Will the Drippytown troop make it home in one piece? And if they do, will they be intact?