Quebec BD Prize

by BK Munn
The winners of the 2016 Prix Bédélys, awards dedicated to comics published in the province of Quebec during 2015, were announced last night at a ceremony presided over by comedian Frédéric Millaire-Zouvi at the Théâtre Sainte-Catherine Cafe Bar in Montreal. This is the 17th year of the awards.
Here are the winners:
Bédélys Québec

Whitehorse by Samuel Cantin (Pow Pow)
Bédélys Monde

Panthère by Brecht Evens (Actes Sud)
Bédélys Jeunesse

Le jardin de Minuit by Edith (Soleil)
Bédélys Indépendant

Hillerød by Frederic Auln
Prix Bedelys website