Noted in Passing: Thumbs Up to Globe Best Books List

BK Munn
The Globe 100 is out today. The headline is “These are the best books of 2016” and as usual for the past few years, Sean Rogers is responsible for picking five comics for the list, based on his own reviews published in the Globe and Mail over the past year. Also as usual, Sean’s list is a tasteful snapshot of the artier end of the comics scene, befitting one of the chief architects of the Doug Wright Awards and the editor of the Descant comics anthology froma few years back.
I think all his picks are great. Peplum by Blutch. Mary Wept Over the Feet of Jesus by Chester Brown. Band for Life by Anya Davidson. After Nothing Comes by Aidan Koch. Carpet Sweeper Tales by Julie Doucet. These are books I’m happy to have on my “forever” bookshelf. I used to rant about the Globe 100’s treatment of comics but now that Sean’s around, I don’t have to worry.
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