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By Salgood Sam
We’ll be trying to make the C-list a bit more regular in 2017 again. We miss something or get it wrong? Let us know, email here or post it to our group here! Pre Order or ask for it in your LCS!

Item: The First Preview of Angel Catbird Vol. 2 from Dark Horse, In Playboy! Co Johnnie Christmas! Writer: Margaret Atwood. Artist: Johnnie Christmas. Colorist: Tamra Bonvillain. Cover Art by Johnnie Christmas! Publication Date: February 14, 2017.

Check out these links for the launch! Comicsalliance: Newsarama: Tripwiremagazine: CBC:

And this CBC interview on Q too!

Item:Good Business‘ a 2010 short and rare [in print] comic zine by Victoria creator Simon Roy is being made into a live action flick by Ray Sullivan! Here’s an early teaser.

Item: Conceptual Heist is back from its Holiday break with scandalous headlines.

Item: Patrick Goddard posts his 2016 comics project ACTION GANG: EARTH-NONE. “A serial in 12 parts, in which our heroes are no longer super.”

Poster by Michael DeForge & Patrick Kyle

Item: The Beguiling Books & Art page shared an album of photos of the new shop on college. I dropped in myself to check it out last week, nice space, here’s to a long and prosperous run.

Item: And speaking of the Beguiling. Having cleared out the old two-story house that was home to the shop for the last couple of decades or so, the Beguiling is going to have a blowout party in the old digs! If you’re in town be there! I’m sure it will be memorable. Nice event poster by Michael DeForge & Patrick Kyle.

Item: Care of Bryan on FB, some thoughts on the profile of Aislin in the Gazette: “A Half-Century of Aislin: “Over the last 50 years, Aislin – the nom de plume of Montreal Gazette editorial cartoonist Terry Mosher – has so shaped the collective consciousness of English-speaking Montrealers that it’s hard to know what we’d make of this city, province or country without him. He has portrayed our ups and downs, our hopes and fears, our victories and frustrations, from dreams of Stanley Cup glory to the orange cones that litter our streets. He has skewered our politicians and celebrated our heroes; punctured pomposity and shattered taboos. And he’s made us laugh – most of all at ourselves.”

Item: Joe Ollmann gets a sweet review of ‘The Abominable Mr. Seabrook‘ by Rachel Cooke in the Guardian [UK]!

“Ollmann spent 10 years researching Seabrook’s strange, ramshackle life, and it shows: his book is wonderfully rich and detailed. Nothing seems to escape his attention or his compassion, whether we’re talking about Seabrook’s interest in S&M (Ollmann traces it to his childhood) or about the long-suffering women in his life (Ollmann sees things from their side, too, even as they enable his drinking). His drawings of Seabrook, blunt-lined and scratchy, are a perfect match for his personality, which is at once charming and repulsive, fascinating and frustrating, while his depictions of such things as camel raids and tribal dances have a romantic, overblown quality, almost as if they are only figments of Seabrook’s imagination. In a way, of course, they are. In the end, this is not so much a simple biography, as a book about writing, and just how painful it can be when the words on the page don’t adequately match the pictures in a man’s head.” 

Read the rest here.

Item: Hired in 1980, Windsor Star editorial cartoonist Mike Granston is retiring. “what does the future hold for a man whose professional life has been synonymous with the Windsor Star for more than three decades?” “I dunno,” Graston admitted. “Maybe try to put out a retrospective book…. I don’t think I’m going to sit there and paint flowers.”

That’s it for this one, more to come, until then may the comics be with you!



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