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By Salgood Sam

Item: Cartoonist Jay Stephens makes a villain of crude oil in this cover for the latest True Patriot superhero comics anthology...

Item: The talented Francis Manapul is one of the top profesional artists in Toronto today, he talked to the CBC this weekend about how he learned English from comics and other things, in the course of talking about his participation in DC’s new series ‘Trinity’!

Item: Joe Ollmann Hamilton Launch for The Abominable Mr. Seabrook is January 25!

Item: Ty Templeton’s Bun Toons returns with a kvetching tribulation!


Item: If you published in QC in 2016 you’ve got till the first of Feb to submit your comics to the Bédélys!

Item: John McCrae leads a team of crack Canadians on secret WW I mission“Dr. John McCrae, the physician and poet who wrote In Flanders Fields, is the star of an upcoming comic that imagines him leading a team of Canadian luminaries on a secret mission during the Battle of Vimy Ridge.”

Item: A preview of Salgood’s Revolver Quarterly Vol.4, to be published by Spilt Ink in March!

Cover art and most of the guts in place for Revolver 4.

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Item: Some new interviews to keep an eye out for! John Higgs, Chester Brown, Seth, Alan Moore, and Jaime Hernandez! Conducted by By’s writer in residence, Koom Kankesan! There are already some up on the page now too, no need to wait for them!

ItemBreaking Into Comics Panel with Pia Guerra, Kaare Andrews, Brandon Graham and Ty Templeton, on Inkstuds!

Item: Been seeing posts like this for a couple days, Cloudscape Comics’ ‘Bones of the Coast’ have been arriving to backers, looks like a really nice looking book! [this copy belongs to Doug Savage!]

Just got my copy of the awesome new Cloudscape Comics anthology, Bones of the Coast. Looks great!

A photo posted by Doug Savage (@savagechickens) on

Item: Adam Gorham is painting something…

ItemCalgary Herald reports on Lovern Kindzierski and John Bolton’s “haunting” trilogy, Shame. Published by Alberta based Renegade Arts Entertainment. Here Broken Frontier’s Jason Wilkins wrote ‘3 Reasons Why You Need to Read ‘Shame’ by Lovern Kindzierski and John Bolton‘.

Item: Enter the Bulgarian Brothers on Conceptual Heist!

Item: Ronn Sutton reports that his site has been freshly updated with new pictures, a partial index of his published comic work, and new posts to the Horror, Commissions and Latest Artwork sections, thanks to the help of some of his friends/fans.

Item: Robin Bougie drew Michael Sullivan for the intro to cinema sewer issue 30!

I drew michael Sullivan today for the intro to cinema sewer issue 30

A photo posted by Robin Bougie (@robinbougie) on

Item: Aislin’s cartoon for the Thursday Gazette.

ItemJeff Lemire will be at the Windsor Public Library Jan 28 2PM-4PM. Talking about the creative process behind, ‘The Secret Path’ and his collaboration with Gord Downie, of the Tragically Hip. This FREE event is open to the public.

Item: Renee Nault posting cool things!

sketchbook fish #sketchbook #ink #drawing #illustration

A photo posted by Renee Nault (@renee_nault) on

#sketchbook #ink #drawing

A photo posted by Renee Nault (@renee_nault) on

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