A Cartoon Trump, from Salgood Sam’s Revolver Vol.4

Ok it’s that time again gang, pull up a seat and come parooze the comings and goings of Canada’s comics scene since our last update eight days ago…it’s been a busy one!

By Salgood Sam.

The feature image here is a study I did while teaching my art class. Trump to the right is from Revolver 4! It’s mid February, it’s hard to keep up with the manic pace of events but for comics, it’s only going to get faster as the Spring/Summer/Fall Festival season approaches.

Item:  let me take a moment to note the arrival of a new contributor, David Bragdon of the Toronto Comics Jam has started to file a few stories for us, his first TWO were “How to make a Canadian Hero” & “Geekophilia“. The comments are open gentle readers, give David a warm welcome!

Item:  The wind up to TCAF has begun! Andrew T shared the news February 14 at 10:01am: “Good Morning comics fans! We’ve announced our first round of Featured Guests for TCAF 2017! This year we’ve got Pénélope Bagieu, Katherine Collins, Guy Delisle, Jeff Lemire, Gary Panter, Gengoroh Tagame, Jillian Tamaki, Marcelino Truong, Ngozi Ukazu, Sandrine Revel, Rick Geary, and Metaphrog! And that’s just the tip of the Featured Guest Iceberg! Check out TorontoComics.com for all the details!” The festival is on May 13th to May 14th.

Some of Seth’s work from the CBC’s Vinyl Cafe

Item:  On a sadder note, February 15th, the iconic broadcaster & bestselling author Stuart McLean died of cancer, age 68. McLean was a long-time collaborator with the cartoonist Seth, who illustrated many of his books and contributed to set designs for his touring stage show. The host of CBC ‘s Vinyl Cafe radio show was a big booster of Canadian music and his collections of stories, first told on his show, often in front of live audiences, were cherished by several generations of fans.

Items:  EVENTS! There be Jammin’ in Vancouver on the 18th! Hogtown Horror Comics launch party @ The Sidekick on the 18th as well. And The Holy S#!t [Toronto] Comic Jam, on the 28th! I expect the Montreal Comic Jam will happen on the 27th! Watch this page to catch the next Ottawa Comic Jam. The 10th Vancouver Comic & Toy Show is on Feb 26th.

Item: Mike Rooth on the 11 O’Clock Comics podcast talks about his zen and Aftershock Comics!

Item: Drawn+Quarterly’s fall 2017 catalog via the email list! So many interesting things on the slate!

Item: Conundrum Pressline of #TCAF2017 debuting Books is pictured here! Neil the Horse is back! Also see here, praise for Jillian Fleck’s debut book Lake Jehovah.

Item: We missed posting about this last month, Dakota McFadzean has an Italian translation of one of his comics in @International! Also FYI Conundrum Press just reprinted “Other Stories and the Horse You Rode in On” for the U.S. market. Congrats Dakota McFadzean!

Item:  Feb 8th Jay D’Ici aka Jay Campbell talked about Conceptual Heist, depression, and things he loves in this ‘Conceptual Transmissions’ email list update.

Feb 13 there were new updates to the comic, here and here!

Item:  Ty Templeton marked Bill Finger’s Birthday February 8 as well, with this great homage! Also, he’s posted an epic story of customs and his mother’s scissors! Catch all three episodes here: The Trials of 2017 -Part OneThe Scissors of Fate – part 2 |  The Scissors of Destiny – Part IIIThe Scissors Saga – Part Four: The Final Cut!

Item: Today for a fun comics party in Montreal, you should hit up the 10yr anniversary benefit party of Front Froid! Don’t forget to buy some of their comics too! FB event page here.

Item: Éditions Pow Pow had a lovely little valenties sale we missed posting about here but shared on FB, where I noted that the FB auto translation had interpreted “à ta tendre moitié” to “to your lesser half”….LOL.
Rate this translation indeed: La bande dessinée, c’est l’amour. Tout le monde le sait : les fleurs pis le chocolat, c’est dépassé. Ce qu’il te faut cette année pour dire « je t’aime » à ta tendre moitié, c’est une ou deux bandes dessinée…

Item: Self promotion time, I’ve got a brand new issue of Revolver Quarterly out! I’m proud to say it’s Spilt Ink’s eighth physical publication! You can order it in print or for download here, and the whole line as a bundle can be had for a song here! I’ll be posting a full preview later.

Item: Did you hear, The Beguiling unearthed some rare comics during the move to thier new College Street location. Toronto Life has the lowdown on the dusty finds! Peter looks so cute in the pic! (*^.^*)

Item: Brand new mini Motion Picture Purgatory! For Valentines, Rick takes a trip down feel-bad memory lane with Canadian director William (Death Weekend, Goin’ Down the Road, Wedding in White) Fruet’s sleazy backwoods thriller Trapped (1982)! Well educated readers like ours probably also know Rick is a rock god too, here’s a sexy pinup of him at Hotel 2 Tango listening to the playback from a May 22, 2013 session playing on an Anthony Seck album.

Item: A peek at Jason Copland & Michael May’s Kill All Monsters Omnibus.

Item: One of Kent Burles’s monster sketches, this one gives me the willies for some reason.

Item: This was Lovely. Renee Nault’s contribution to Angel Catbird Vol.2, published on Valentine’s day! “Angel Catbird will make you feel all warm and cozy, just like your favourite feline friend.”–BROKEN FRONTIER review.

Item: A peek at Keith Grachow’s progress on SALTWATER #2!

Item:  Some love for David Collier care of Elijah Brubaker“David Collier is such a great cartoonist. Everyone should read everything he’s done.”

Item: Dracula Son of the Dragon ‘pencils’, PG 65 specifically. [my] Read Salgood Sam Notes on patreon here.

ItemRossi Gifford does Amelie from “Life, Death and Sorcery” by Danny Zabbal from Chapterhouse PublishingMore here on Danny and his book!

Item: Michael de Adder’s comic from Feb 16th Just call him Joe!

Item: Michael de Adder’s Cartoon for February 13, the big VIsit! Trudeau left the king’s daughter wanting more we hear.

Item: Michael de Adder’s Feb 9th Cartoon on Sarah Palin, as potential ambassador to Canada. Noooooooooo!

Item: it’s that time of year again –Tim Hortons creates trash courtesy of Gareth Lind!

Item: Michael de Adder February 8th on the 2016 census, ‘New Brunswick is only province with negative growth’.

Item: February 7th, Theo Moudakis  “What to Wear”.