Relatively slow I think the last week and a bit, but here’s the highlights of Can-con Comics news and more since our last update as tracked by our FB page.
By Salgood Sam
Item: Cats Cats Cats and backward drawn comics, The Vancouver Comic Jam pages collected from February 2017.
Item: A nice one, another, #61, of Alan Bunces’ morning doodles!

Item: Jamie Coville interviewed Jim Valentino & Terry Moore!
Item: Monique MacNaughton’s HitGirlz, Pg 72!

Item: The Angel Catbird V.2 launch Feb 24th in Toronto.

Item: ‘NAGAS’, by David Ross, and a Process post by David Ross.

Item: Michael de Adder cartoons!

Item: Michel Hellman’s follow-up to his Mile End graphic novel is Nunavik, available now from Pow Pow Press.

Item: Milkwood: A Comic Adaptation by James Lloyd.

Item: Not Canadian news specifically but a big deal, it was announced that Karen Berger launching new creator-owned line as part of Berger Books, a new imprint of Dark Horse Comics.
Item: Crime Does Not Pay, a new musical about life and death of comic book editor Bob Wood launches in Calgary.
Item: FantastiCon Montreal announced Djibril Morissette-Phan will be a
Guest artist:

Item: Ed Broadbent on the end of a penis? Chester Brown talks about the compromises he made for the sake of his American readers in Ed the Happy Clown.
Item: William Byrne, the creator behind “Max Burger P.I.”, is back with a new comic, “The North Shield.”.
Item: Two Koyama Press graphic novels nominated for LA Times Book Prize: “Don’t Come in Here” by Patrick Kyle and “What Is Obscenity” by Rokudenashiko (translated by Anne Ishii). Congrats to all involved!
Item: Also, founder of Koyama Press, Annie Koyama donated 250 pages of comic art to Ohio State’s Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum! An Exhibit is coming in 2018.

Item: And last for this post, The Adventurers talk about dead pools.

That’s all for now, hey dont forget, Revolver Vol.4 is out, you can get the whole Spilt Ink line now for a deal too, check it all out here!