Fir Valley and Feast of Fields: Next from Cloudscape

by BK Munn
The latest 2 comics to be shepherded to print by Vancouver collective publisher Cloudscape Comics are Jason Turner’s Fir Valley and Sean Karemaker’s Feast of Fields. Both books are being funded through preorders via Kickstarter starting today. 
Turner’s Fir Valley is described as “a full-colour mystery thriller graphic novel with supernatural elements. Set in a small town nestled in a valley, surrounded by BC’s iconic northwestern mountains and forests,”  Fir Valley highlights Turner’s  “ability to weave David Lynchian oddity into the everyday.” I’m not sure, but this may be Turner’s first full-colour long form work.
Karemaker’s Feast of Fields is the first part of a multi-book series: “a black and white short graphic novel […] chronicling the hardships of his mother’s early years in a Denmark orphanage, where against insurmountable odds she cared for her mentally ill mother and her 3 young brothers.” (Karemaker’s previous book, The Ghosts We Know, was published by Conundrum Press in 2016.)