“Godhead” is Ho Che Anderson’s First Comic in a Decade

by BK Munn
Cartoonist Ho Che Anderson has a new graphic novel scheduled for early next year, according to Fantagraphics, the publisher of his massive 2002 Martin Luther King bio. The new book is called Godhead and it’s a 200-page sci-fi thriller. The book is slated for a February release.
Here’s the hype copy from Fanta:

Godhead’s cinematic opening scene introduces us to a righteous kidnapper verbally whipsawing the bound CEO of a multinational corporation in an abandoned factory. It only accelerates from there, ricocheting from the streets of a working-class African-American community to the glimmering halls of corporate America to a mobile scientific laboratory located in the Pacific Ocean. A sprawling contemporary saga with a science-fiction edge, Godhead explores the collision course between science and religion when a corporation creates a device that can talk to God. Is this humanity’s salvation or the equivalent of a Doomsday machine?
Godhead is Ho Che Anderson’s most conceptually and thematically ambitious graphic novel to date, his first in over ten years. Visually, he employs a variety of drawing techniques from tonal images to stark black and white to full color painting, in order to convey a thriller that ranges from intimate domestic drama to globalist corporate intrigue.