Toronto Comic Fans, Can You Help Identify the Man on the Right? 

By BK Munn

Scott Edelman writes on his blog:

“In 1975, when I was working in the Bullpen at Marvel Comics, I flew to Toronto to appear on a panel at CosmicCon along with Marv Wolfman, Len Wein, and … someone whose name I no longer remember.

Neither does Marv.

And since the reason I dug out this photo was as part of my mourning process for Len, we’ll never know if he might have remembered.

When I recently shared the image on Twitter and Facebook in the hopes someone could identify the face at the far right, suggestions included Bernie Wrightson and Howard Chaykin (I blame the sideburns), but … it wasn’t either of those two.”

The photo is from the last York University Cosmicon, Cosmicon 4.

This article on the Shuster site by Ron Kasman notes that the con also featured several Canadian guests and fans over the years, like Ronn Sutton, Dave Sim, Ken Steacy, Ken Ketter, Dean Motter, and T. Casey Brennan.

Can anyone help i.d. the mystery man?

Here is CBC’s coverage of Cosmicon 3.

UPDATE: It’s local
Toronto talent Jim Craig!

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