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Item:  It was hard to escape the news of the day, here’s some notable political cartoons about the Florida school shooting. Pia Guerra had two for the Nib that caught my eye…

And Michael de Adder had this to say in the HFX Chronicle Herald.

And, he was on the CBC’s Day 6 talking about school shootings in the U.S. and political cartooning.

Item:  One more from Michael de Adder, who also had this lovely tribute to Becca Schofield who died this week. The N.B. teen inspired the #BeccaToldMeTo hashtag campaign to encourage the world to teach kindness.

Item:  Rachid Beaulieu shared a peek at his next book, as always a bit of MTL colour….I’m not sure why the Crow bought the chair?

Item: Cartoonist Sophie Labelle returned to Halifax for her last stop before heading to Europe on her latest tour, despite receiving neo-Nazi death threats last May that forced her to cancel her comic book launch at Halifax’s Venus Envy at the time.
“A lot of people are happy that last May’s events didn’t taint my relation with Halifax. Not at all… …the way that it was handled back then and the support that community in Halifax showed me? Of course I would come back.”
Montreal-based Labelle is launching two new self published titles, Serious Trans Vibes, and new French edition of her youth book A Girl Like Any Other, titled Une Fille comme les autres.

Item: Toronto based George Todorovski shows off a few pages of his new self published graphic anthology “The Book”.

Item: The most recent instalment of Conceptual Heist, Jemma has a date with Beau.

Item: La Boîte à B.D. de Laval is active on YouTube in french again. They share news from their shop and talk about the latest comics and stuff.

Item:  A lovely James Lloyd winter olympics doodle!

Item: Alan Bunce’s doodles! He doodles a LOT!

Item: It’s that time of year again. (P.S. Tim Horton’s is not a Canadian company.) Gareth Lind’s classic 2014 comic on the topic remains relevant today!

Item: UAlbertaArts posted a video with curator and Art & Design professor Sue Colberg giving a behind-the-scenes look at the winners of the 2016 Alcuin Awards for Excellence in Book Design in Canada. It Includes a Comic category this year! Lots of lovely books to look at.

Item: TCJ reviewed Mister Morgen by Igor Hofbauer, published by Conundrum! I think they liked it!

Item: Drawn and Quarterly has a open call for submissions for their new publishing fellowship, that will focus on all facets of the book business: editorial; production and design; marketing and sales; and retail. The paid position will be in the company’s Mile-Ex office in Montreal, Monday through Thursday, 32 hours a week, 9:30-5:30. The fellowship will be offered biennially: a winter fellow (mid-January through mid-June) with an application deadline of October 1; and a summer fellow (mid-July through mid-November) with an application deadline of March 1. The fellow will interact with all departments and be invited to sit in on meetings. More here!

Item: Chapterhouse Publishing has been rolling out their new pricing structure, monthly superhero comics priced at $1.99 US and trade paperback collections $9.99 US. And Fernando Ruiz and Dan Parent were interviewed by Free Comic Book Day ahead of their highly anticipated Die Kitty Die: ‘I Love You To Death’ release!

Item: An selfie of the latest of the very sexy Koyama Press line!

Item: Sam Ombiri reviews OLD GROUND by Noel Freebird (published by Koyama Press ) on the Comics Workbook blog.

Item: Adam Pottier announced the King Con 2018 Comic Guest list! I’m on it!
J. TorresDanny ZabbalAndrew ThomasAttila AdorjanyCraig Taillefer, & Salgood Sam. Also, there will be a magician? And more guest to be announced soon as they are confirmed!

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